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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It is actually Sunny

I think Hyomin would also agree here.

It's difficult to explain but Sunny I always see as the one in SNSD most likely to do stuff the others wouldn't do. This makes her the sexiest. Boobs do add to the equation but Sica has boobs. Sica is sexy but it's a more classy type of sexy which can't be compared to Sunny's type of sexy. Yuri and Yoona has the classy type sexiness too. It's not a bad type of sexy but it can't compete with Sunny's "will possibly do anything" type of sexy. Sorry if that sounds slutty but it's definitely not a bad thing, it's not like she WOULD actually do slutty things it's just the vibe she somehow gives from actions in shows like Invincible Youth that make me think she would.

Yuri also said that blushes when she see's Sunny get changed or get out of the shower and Sunny has been known to walk around the dorm in the nude or something like that. So yeah these things all add to her being the sexiest..


HURRAY! for 4am deep thought posts!

I think my opinion is clear.
But seriously, it's in the way she looks at you. There's a reason why she spawned the term porny here.

Runner-up is a tie between Yuri and Hyo. Yuri is the avatar of Sex onstage and a complete pairings whore but the more I watch her interactions with the other members the more I see her as the Bottom Bitch of SNSD.
Where Yuri is "fuck me now" sexy Hyo is "I'm HBIC and I know it, FUCKER" power-sexy. Like Ciara vs. Beyonce, I guess? It's a different kind of appeal. Also girl have thighs that put Eri to shame and the stylists seem to be obsessed with giving her a wedgie.

After HyoRi, Jessica.

SNSD Jessica Sexy dance (Naughty Girl)

Um yeah. Unfortunately she's gotten lazy as all get-out in her dancing since, but sometimes that laziness works for her too, as shown in the above gif.(And speaking of the above gif, again check out the contrast to Hyo's power-sexy.)
But it also means she's less consistently sexy than the three above that outrank her. Also the girl needs to scarf some triple cheeseburgers, get some meat back on those bones!

The rest can choose to be sexy when they want to, but to me at least it isn't a large part of their images unlike the above four.

when SNSD and Sexy is both used in the same sentence, the first one i think of is Yuri. they're all sexy IMO but for me Yuri is the sexiest among the girls.

Look at Sunny's eyes, the way she looks is so sexy ! (Sorry for my terrible English, I'm french)

them legs

them hips

I don't see YoonA in the poll  :?
Well for me she's the smexiest member of SNSD. Below is one example.

YoonA, of course !  :heart:

Sexiest Member is Yuri fosho!! I mean, she's always been sexy but lately... O___O Sexy as hell!

cr. as tagged

my first post here, :nervous if you say bout sexy, than it'll be Dork Taeng!!!!

Bonussss, Taeng eternal Husband,,,,

 :wub: :wub: :wub: :heart: 
I can't believe nobody has put up these pics of Yuri yet =P

 :ding: :ding: :ding:

this my first post, dont delete it , hehe,  :nervous

Fanny Attack !!!

and these gifs...

so close..............................................  :smhid

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